We are building a network between European marinas. In a high-quality and port-worthy way, we conceptualise marketing opportunities for partners in the marina area by using various stylish elements. We combine well-known brands and marinas in a new way. We understand the marina business and are genuinely able to help to develop the marina

Our first two cooperation marinas are Marina Bay and HSS in Helsinki, Finland. During this year, we will significantly expand our marina network. Our strong expertise in boating, marinas and commercial development, as well as our experienced team ensure rapid growth.

Contact us to find out together how we can contribute to the development of your marina:

Cooperation with us means more revenue for the marina

Cooperation with us is easy and works on the turnkey principle

We take care of everything from planning to negotiations, implementation and reporting


We commercialise marinas in a style of high quality and suitable for the marina environment. Our concept provides excellent opportunities to appear where customers with high purchasing power are and in an environment that is not full of other brands.

Those who live near marinas loves to spend time in marina area and tourists always visit nearby marinas on their holiday trip. You can reach millions of contacts in the marinas. In marinas, everyone is also in a good mood which makes people more vulnerable to marketing messages and brands the right environment to be visible.

Our long and varied experience in commercial development and partnerships guarantees the successful outcome of the cooperation.

If you are interested in being a partner with our marina or our marina network, please contact us:

Beautiful marina environment is perfect for raising the image of your brand

People are in a good mood in the marinas

People like to spend time in the marinas and use the services close to the sea

Boaters are people of high purchasing power